Did you know that Texas has often been named the best state for business?

According to one website: (Stevens-Huffman, 2014) “Texas is often named the best state for business, receiving four stars for taxes and regulations by Chief Executive.net. One reason is that Texas courts generally do not favor wrongful termination suits, so many of those actions are unsuccessful. And when Texas passed a law that taxed staffing firms on revenue and PEOs (Professional Employer Organizations) on administrative fees, members of the Texas Association of Staffing rallied to the cause. Within a year, the legislature recognized the disparity and agreed to tax staffing firms on gross margin dollars.”

Basically, this means that, staffing agencies in Texas follow simpler rules than other states. Furthermore, instead of taxing sales that the company makes, (which would cost the company money), the tax is based on profit instead. This is also a lower tax amount which helps staffing companies like us!

If you had no trouble understanding our website citation, congratulations! You are a smart cookie and should consider taking advantage of our services of employment in the legal field! As a staffing firm that specializes in the legal field, XL Pro can match you to the perfect companies who are always looking for your specialized knowledge and expertise!

So, now that you have newfound information on our legal side and how it works, how ambitious are you feeling? If you are interested in a career in Law, XL Pro can assist legal professionals in the following positions:

  •        Legal secretaries
  •        Paralegals
  •        Contract administrators
  •        Lawyers
  •        Partners
  •        Law clerks
  •        Records clerks
  •        Litigation paralegals
  •        Commercial litigators
  •        Billing clerks

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