As Tax season arrives you’ll want to be prepared and double check that the information you input is as accurate as possible! You can find these documents on the IRS website if you haven’t received one from your employer. Employees should receive these tax documents from their employer on the date of their employment and must fill them out or the business will be audited. In this guide XL Pro Staffing & Consulting will walk employees through the correct and easy steps to fill out necessary information, make the most of your return, and go over simple calculations.

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Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification)

Good news! If you are not a new hire you will only need to fill out the W4

Step 1: In section 1 you will start by filling in name, address, and personal details.

Step 2: (check one of the following boxes): If you are permitted to work in the USA check the box, if you are not a citizen you will want to see further instructions with your employer. If you are a lawful resident (3) you will need to provide your registration number or USCIS number as follows. Lastly, if you are not a citizen BUT permitted to work you will need to provide your expiration date of your work authorization details and one of the following:

USCIS number

I94 admission number


Foreign passport number

Step 3: Preparer or translator: If you have a preparer or translator don’t forget to check which applies to you and continue to signature and date.

Form W-4 and state withholding form

Personal Information

Step 1: you will fill out your address and check the box of how you will be filing.

Step 2: Check box C IF you have two jobs. Use the estimator at for most accurate withholding.

Step 3: If your income will be $200,000 or less ($400,000 or less if married filing jointly) this may apply to you if you have children or dependents. Multiply accordingly to the amounts times dependents or qualifying children and then add them together in section three. 

Step 4: In section a, if this applies to you then you will fill in other income total. Follow same steps for section b and c. BONUS: In Section c you may also add any other amount you wish to be withheld until you file your taxes again for a bigger return. If you choose to do this you can divide the total amount you want taxed for the year by the number of paychecks you are given.

Step 5: Both parties will sign and date!

 Multiple Jobs Worksheet

Follow the steps to fill this out if it applies to you. If you need extra help see the instructions on your W4, this contains detailed instructions and calculating tips. If this section does not apply to you then you may omit this section.  Keep in mind that claiming fewer sources of income increases the payroll tax equal to a larger portion of your revenue. If you are single and file “0” you will be subject to your full tax return. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Be sure to check out our Webcenter for your payment history and personal work summary!

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