With technology becoming such a big part of our daily lives, there’s a higher demand for people who can read analytic data and translate it, fix issues that pop up on a computer/laptop, and/or use data analytics to help the company build a broader audience or build a better product.

Annual salary for these positions has been updated as of 5/11/2020
For any questions about salary, please call: (972) 851-7248
The placements we do in Oil & Gas include:

 Data Analyst

The average salary of a data analyst ranges between 30k – 92k per year. Job responsibilities for data analysts include running reports for specified information, creating specialized reports, and following trends. Typically in charge of pulling and organizing data for results.

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 IT Support Specialist

The average salary of an IT support specialist ranges between 32k – 72k per year. IT support specialists are responsible for maintaining all computer systems and assisting in installing, updating, and fixing any computer-related issues.



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