How to Step Into 2020 Like A Boss XL Pro Staffing Edition

Time to officially say goodbye to 2019. But wait, that doesn’t necessarily mean all of our responsibilities our going to disappear and remain a memory with 2019! Whether you had a successful year, and everything went as planned, or you know you could have done a bit better in certain areas of your life, IT […]

Your XL Pro career based on your Zodiac sign

Your XL Pro career based on your Zodiac sign Everyone knows about Zodiac signs, and you might have done some research on your specific sign, but do you know what your XL Pro career is? We have seven different work fields that include light industrial, construction, legal, oil and gas, administration and reception, hospitality, and […]

XL Pro and Law – Tips, Facts, and Hacks!

Did you know that Texas has often been named the best state for business? According to one website: (Stevens-Huffman, 2014) “Texas is often named the best state for business, receiving four stars for taxes and regulations by Chief One reason is that Texas courts generally do not favor wrongful termination suits, so many of those actions […]