Administrators and receptionists are vital to keeping organizations running. Duties vary from greeting customers to entering data to organizing schedules—and that barely scrapes the surface. Some industries need administrators and receptionists with specialized knowledge, whereas others only require general clerical skills. XL Pro places administrators and receptionists in all industry sectors

Annual salary for these positions has been updated as of 5/11/2020
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The placements we do in Reception & Administrative include:

Administrative Assistant

The average salary of an Administrative Assistant ranges between 33k-86k per year. Job duties may include supporting managers and employees through a variety of tasks related to organization and communication. Typically responsible for confidential and time-sensitive material and familiarity with a variety of the field’s concepts such as practices and procedures.

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The average salary of a receptionist ranges between 29k – 45k per year. Receptionists will be responsible for answering all calls, having exceptional customer service skills while working in a face paced environment, and maintains security and telecommunications. Ability to manage data entries and reports.

Administrative Manager

The average salary of an administrative manager ranges from 30k – 73k per year. Job responsibilities of an administrative manager include supervising daily operations and developing system policies and procedures. Administrative managers may also be in charge of staff hiring, training, and payroll duties

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  Auditing Clerk

The average salary of an auditing clerk ranges between 32k – 50k per year. Auditing clerks are responsible for documenting, verifying, and organizing all financial records. Also in charge of finding accounting errors, performing payroll functions, and reporting.

Mail Clerk

The average salary of a mail clerk ranges between 29k – 37k per year. Mail clerks are in charge of directing mail to the correct departments. Responsible for categorizing, forwarding misdirected mail, and sorting mailing inventory and supplies.



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