Shaking Hands

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When you want to reach specific populations of job seekers, you need to understand the industry and recognize what separates qualified from unqualified employees. Partnering with a staffing firm provides a solution. Recruiting is their specialty.

Your company has its niche – your area of expertise. Your company mission focuses on delivering the highest quality of product/services to a targeted market.

Staffing firms are the same way. A reliable firm has recruiting specialists who are experts in their field. They understand a company’s talent needs and know where to find the best. It’s their job – not an extra responsibility added onto their primary tasks. Their industry knowledge and expertise helps ensure that candidates and employers are well-matched.

Don’t miss out on the multiple benefits a staffing firm delivers.

Stream-lined hiring process: Hiring – it’s what a staffing agency does every day. They know all the ins and outs of successful, efficient staffing. Their recruiting specialists are the experts. They understand employment trends, challenges, market conditions, and best practices for engaging talent – from entry-level to C-level. Partnering with a niche staffing agency adds value to your hiring strategy, as well as overall business strategy.

Talent Access: Staffing companies are your source to the talent you need – both active and passive – a deep and wide channel to expertise throughout the industry and the geographic area. They have connections with potential candidates who are not placing their resumes on job boards or responding to general postings. Reliable staffing companies maintain a deep pool of candidates who have been vetted and screened – talent seeking great matches.

Flexibility: Short-term contract employees play a significant supporting role in covering vacations, medical leaves, peak seasons, etc. Staffing firms can provide skilled, experienced talent to step in and adapt to the task at hand. Choose a firm that offers Temp/Seasonal, Temp-to-Hire, and Direct-placement to cover all your needs.

Cost Savings: Get the top talent you need – without the high cost. A high-quality staffing company treats their employees right – offering insurance benefits, above-industry coverages for workers’ comp, and transparency in tax burdens. Because they treat their employees well, their employees, in turn, treat the clients well – giving their best every day. Paying a flat rate for dependable workers saves overhead costs and time.

Time savings: Launching the search, advertising job openings, sorting and evaluating resumes, interviews, and negotiating an offer can be extremely time-consuming. Partnering with a staffing company means they do the legwork, covering all these procedures while you are free to tackle your primary responsibilities. They narrow the set of qualified talent, sourcing, screening, and preparing candidates in preparation for end of stage interviews with you – saving time and cost.

Productivity: When a position remains open, the current staff is often stretched too thin. Finding the best-fit talent in a timely manner is imperative. Furthermore, supporting your long-term staff with support staff increases productivity among the entire team by reducing fatigue and burnout, which, in turn, reduces work-related injuries, errors, and loss of motivation. On top of that, overtime costs are reduced – it’s a win/win.

Increased retention rate: A premier staffing company takes the time to know your company. They understand your vision and your needs and then bring that to the drawing table when connecting with talent. A staffing company not only focuses on your current goals but also looks toward potential future needs, finding talent that not only fits your skill/experience requirements but also matches your culture. High turnover can be costly, and it makes practical sense to have a staffing agency find you qualified and talented workers who will be satisfied with their job and want to stay for the long term.

HR Support: Staffing companies do more than find best-fit talent. They come alongside their clients, giving professional support and insight on human resource issues and trends. They listen, respond, and connect. Their recruiters have direct experience in niche industries, offering valuable industry expertise and unique insight into your industry’s current hiring trends and best practices. They help create compensation and benefits packages designed to attract – and retain – top talent.

There are no shortcuts in a successful talent-acquiring campaign. You either travel the time-consuming journey on your own or hire a qualified staffing company who can deliver the perfect candidate while you take care of business. It’s your choice.

Ready to hire a local staffing firm?

Choose XL Pro – we have five offices in Texas and a reputation of credibility and relationship with hiring managers. AT XL Pro, we bring you all of the above benefits, placing talent in Light Industrial, Construction, Hospitality, Ole and Gas, Legal, Administrators and Receptionists, and Human Resources. Our premium service is competitive, personal, and responsive – offering Temp/seasonal, Temp-to-hire, and Direct-placements. We understand the real job needs and how the job fits into the big picture, readily qualifying candidates, as well as preparing employees for a seamless onboarding process The applicants we bring you have had their skills tested—and proven. We specialize in matching you with talent that fits your culture and grows your business. Our extras include payroll services, and comprehensive health and safety programs. Complete in-house work and stable relationships with insurance and workers’ comp vendors saves your budget. Our rates compete. Our staff responds. Our service satisfies. Step outside the box with us today and connect with the best applicants for your company.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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