Oil and Gas is unlike any other industry when it comes to staffing. XL Pro Consulting Group streamlines clients’ hiring processes and helps identify the traits a candidate needs to succeed. Our oil and gas division provides access to production candidates—experienced and ready for any project— for employers in environmental cleanup, operation, fieldwork, and support. XL Pro specializes in finding drivers and operators for heavy-truck and tractor-trailers, for tractor-trailer combinations or trucks with capacities of at least 26,000 pounds Gross Vehicle Weight.

Annual salary for these positions has been updated as of 5/11/2020
For any questions about salary, please call: (972) 851-7248
The placements we do in Oil & Gas include:

DOT Truck Drivers

The average salary of a DOT Truck Driver is 27k – 79k per year. CDL certified truck driver typically making deliveries, preparing receipts and invoices, and collecting payments. Responsible for truck conditions such as gas, oil, equipment, or tires.

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NON DOT Truck Drivers

The average salary of a NON DOT Truck Driver ranges between 25k – 58k per year. NON DOT truck drivers will be driving box trucks and potentially handling package deliveries. CDL not necessary for this position


The average salary of a Hauler ranges from 70k – 82k per year. Responsibilities of haulers include driving automobiles from one location to another in a specialized trailer. A CDL license is required for this position. Also responsible for loading and unloading multiple cars or other weight-specific items during trips

Field Workers (Oil Rig)

The average salary of field workers are not available at this time. Job responsibilities include adhering to scheduled production, maintenance and assembly of machinery, and operating equipment

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