Per COVID-19 before November 2020, employment layoffs skyrocketed each month and employees have taken advantage of cashing in all of the unemployment benefits. Among the unemployed, the number of people on temporary leave lowered to 2.8 million by 441,000 in November, which is good news! However, as workers are slowly returning to their jobs or finding new ones, the employment rate for November has gone from 6.9% to 6.7% due to these layoffs.

Corporations have additionally gained 245,000 jobs in November 2020, according to the latest employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Warehousing and manufacturers added the largest number of workers in November, with 145,000 positions. (Find out more about light industrial available positions here.)

Check out our breakdown of industries based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Manufacturing: Employment changes – 27,000

Low 8,000                High 46,000

  • Finance: Employment changes – 15,000

Low 1,100                High 28,900

  • Education & Health: Employment changes – 54,000

Low 11,700              High 96,300

  • Retail: Employment changes – 34,700

Low -55,300             High -14,100

  • Other Services: Employment changes – 99,000

Low -136,700           High -61,300

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

While the unemployment rates have dropped slightly, there are a total of 6.4 million jobs that have been added this month despite unemployment fluctuating. Let XL Pro we can help you find the jobs you may have missed this month!

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