We understand. Finding the right job for you takes time and savvy. You want to give it your best and use all the right tactics, but everywhere you turn, there’s a new article, video, LinkedIn post, etc. telling you how to do it – not to mention all that advice from family and friends. What’s a guy/gal to do?

Find someone – that would be us, the team at XL Pro – to take the best of the best advice out there and summarize it into one easy-to-read list of tips and job search know-how.

Here’s our advice – in 2 parts (2 blogs)

Part I – Own your job search: This one is all about you, and you are the man/woman in charge – no one else is going to do it for you, so get busy and get going.

Part II – Treat your job search like a business: This one is about taking that product package you put together in part I, and then going out and marketing it.

 Presenting Part I

 Take a thorough look at yourself:

  • Who are you and what do you have to offer? Make a comprehensive list of your education, certifications, experience, honed skills, accomplishments, achievements, volunteer and community activities. Highlight your strongest points.
  • Determine what kind of work you want to do. What are your “non-negotiables” when it comes to a job? What falls under “potential plusses?”
  • What can you do to enhance your strengths and marketability – based on your industry’s current market and trends and likely course in the future? Consider taking a class, participating in a webinar, earning certification, etc. Evaluate volunteer and community activities that will build skills, increase your network, and enhance your professional profile – all while helping others.
  • What does your online presence reveal? Update your LinkedIn profile so that it accurately portrays the points from the list you just created. Clean up anything and everything that detracts from a professional image. Post material that is relevant to your industry.
  • How do you rate your network? Remember, networking is about give and take. The best way to grow is to share. What can you offer to help others? Which connections can you seek that will be mutually beneficial? If a relationship is worth making, it’s worth building – stay active.

 Thoroughly examine your career documents:

  • Does your resume accurately present the list you created above? Know your industry – the current hot topics and most sought-after skills. Create your resume, based on your list, to fit the general picture and then customize it to each position for which you apply. Pay attention to keywords, skills, and job title from the job description. Adjust your resume language to match – presenting an accurate picture, of course (lies will always come back to bite you).
  • Show – don’t tell. Share specific achievements that demonstrate your skill. Quantify everything on your resume. Include concrete metrics.
  • Ensure that all your documents – from resume to social media profiles – consistently portray the same picture.
  • Create a cover letter for every application. It is not a repeat of your resume. It provides additional insight into who you are, what your experience is and why it makes you the perfect fit for the position offered. It touches base on what you will bring to the company.

Ok, now that you have established who you are – skills, interests, social media brand – and created an accurate picture on your resume, LinkedIn profile and other social media, it’s time to move forward, so . . .

 Come back next week – for Part II – Discover how to treat your job search as a business, get out of the starting block, and market yourself to success.

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