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“People don’t quit jobs they quit bosses” a famous quote by Marcus Buckingham. We have all seen this quote and know it to ring true, especially if you have had to quit a toxic work environment. While you can “deal with” or “tolerate” getting through your work week, a happy environment is a place where you can thrive without any external stress factors. So how does all of this affect you and how can you reshape your feelings about your job? How do you know when it is time to quit?

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Environment – Your surroundings, including people, is the first impression that sticks with you during any job. It is easy to adapt to the environment that you are in, which is why it is important that you find the right job for yourself. Especially if you have particular preferences about specific morals, neatness, teaching methods, or overall company values. These things should be deal breakers between keeping a job or moving on.

Co-workers and Bosses – It can be really difficult to work with bosses or co-workers who can be messy, loud, too harsh, too strict, or straight up RUDE! Not everyone can get along anyways right? While this isn’t always a reason to quit, there are some things you can do about this:

  • Confrontation – This can be intimidating or embarrassing, but sometimes you have to tell someone how you feel, politely. Who knows, maybe your words of advice will make a difference!
  • Avoid – There is always other things more important to be focusing on.
  • Make friends – This may sound like a weird option, but maybe you are just misunderstanding or miscommunicating with this person. Maybe this person doesn’t actually chew loudly, and they had a dental appointment the day before!
  • Quit – An extreme choice and a last resort, but if you absolutely feel unhappy and there is nothing else you can do that will work, then maybe it is for the best.

Attitude – You cannot change anyone’s attitude except your own. If think you are in a toxic relationship with your career, try re-framing your perspective and try our methods out before you quit, maybe it was your attitude that was toxic. People often reflect other’s behaviors so if you think someone is being hostile to you, be sure you didn’t start it! Mending relationships in a professional manner makes you look good and improves the overall work culture in your company. Basically, always BE NICE! Everyone enjoys positive assurances and a safe place to work.

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Teamwork – If you have a positive attitude and the right work culture involved then all of your co-workers can function as a whole. This makes work much more efficiently when everyone can be on the same page and even have fun in the process of group projects! Keep in mind that no one takes negativity, harsh or insensitive comments, or indifference well and you should always try to improve yourself and you will find the right work environment along the way if you haven’t already! You are a part of your team which means if your team is failing YOU CAN HELP! If you refuse, then you maybe apart of the toxic workplace by not caring.

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Work Cultures – Work cultures can be so fun to be apart of, whether this is work sports leagues, potlucks, or just talking amongst each other. When we all come together for a singular purpose, we all do BETTER. Maybe you and your co-workers are more similar than you thought. As many personalities that are floating around in the world, there are like-minded personalities working under the same roof doing similar work or separate work that eventually forms one completed project.  

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Quotes from our team: (What’s your favorite work culture aspect about working at XL Pro??)

“I enjoy the creativity and freedom I can express in my role at XL Pro.” Stephen D.

“XL Pro is very chill. I am not micro-managed because I am trusted to get my job done.” Monica A.

“Opportunity to contribute by having my ideas heard and implemented.” Renee R.

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