2020 has made landing and sticking a job difficult. Employee layoffs and rates have fluctuated A LOT. XL Pro is here to help, and if you haven’t already, check out our resume tips, cover letter tips, careers, and more details about our employment statistics at the end.

Interviews can be a nerve wrecking and unpredictable experience. XL Pro is mapping out the process in this blog so any applicants in the job seeking realm can know what to expect and be at the top. Zoom and Skype are the number one video chat places employers will schedule interviews, now more than ever due to the long standing Covid-19. In a few ways, interviewing over video chat can be more beneficial to applicants such as saving money on gas and being in the comfort of a home. So get comfortable and learn how to ace a Zoom interview!

Get Personal with the Camera

Making sure there is a good fit between both parties is a little extra effort that pays off. Research the company first, find out more information about your interviewer if possible, and make eye contact with the camera. The more prepared and focused an applicant is, the more likely recruiting managers will notice. Of course, finding out qualifications before an interview is just as important because no matter the amount of conducted research done will not matter if the applicant doesn’t possess all of the necessary qualifications.   


If one is unfamiliar with Zoom or just needing a refresher course, find a friend or family member to help and record. Prepare a list of questions and any notes needed beforehand, these queues will show employers that the individual is going beyond the standard and is interested! Scrambling around last minute to get details right could come at a cost.


Update and charge computer or keep the charger close by. Make sure to be in an area that has sufficient and high speed Wi-Fi. Closing out of any and all open browser tabs will also increase your speed, and in the event that screen sharing is a requirement, the interviewee can be more prepared and avoid oversharing conflicts.


Be sure all distracting items and noises are out of the picture. Appearance will be an important deciding factor in the hiring process as most hiring managers will remember the ones who stand out professionally. First impressions are lasting, and this means dressing appropriately and having a brightly lit area as well.

Extra Tips for Success

  • Make sure to project when speaking
  • Try not to slouch / Do some posture stretches before the time
  • Keep rapid hand gestures to a minimum if possible
  • Nodding and smiling indicates understanding
  • Turn off any outside notifications and let household members know about meeting
  • Keep pets in a secure area and the noise to a minimum
  • Utilize the mute button when employer is speaking so that there is no outside noise coming through
  • DON’T use a distracting or flashy background
  • Utilize a cheat sheet if necessary
  • Ask permission to record the interview (This is a tool that can help for future interviews)

More and more job interviews are going to be done on platforms like Zoom during, and most likely after Coronavirus, due to conveniences such as remote jobs, saving candidates gas, and the simple idea that video chats are quicker and easier to screen through candidates. Be sure and take all interviews seriously as COVID-19 has affected many people, jobs, and employers. Employment continues to fluctuate during the pandemic so treat every interview with high priority and respect.


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