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Workplace stress is one of the most common contributors of daily struggles. By the time you get home you may realize you are highly irritable, cranky, and everything seems to be going South. The next thing you know you are waking up early in the morning to do your job again. Let’s be honest with ourselves, you may already be stressed out from your workday before you even realize that you brought work home with you.

XL Pro will lay out all areas of stress factors at work and how you can prevent, or at least ease some of these.

Burn out & routine –

Burnout and routine are common problems everyone with a job has. You may see a lot of people on social media who love their job, but even if you do love your job, burn out can still happen. Below is a list of solutions you can try out:

  • Switch up your routine. This sounds easy at first, but you may be surprised when trying this out. Stay off the couch and bed from the moment you get home and try to change everything that you typically do in a day. You can try going to an event, a new grocery store or restaurant, or plan a small vacation.
  • Stop drinking so much coffee. If you already drink more than one cup a day you should try cutting it down to one, and if you drink only one cup a day, try minimizing this even more to every other day or no weekends. An excess of caffeine can cause chronic fatigue, (making you crave more caffeine), anxiety and nervous jitters, high blood pressure, and difficulties falling asleep at night when you are not prone to insomnia. Try rotating to naturally caffeinated tea every other day with some lemon juice every morning or lower caffeine content beverages.
  • Switch up your work routine. Avoid doing the same small habits at work every day. Say good morning to everyone and practice positivity in your workplace. You might be surprised at how your co-workers start treating you more like a friend. Walk around more often, whether to get some fresh air outside or to say hello, you are promoting your health and decreasing your stress. Stay busy and help out as much as you can.
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Annoying co-workers or bosses –

No matter where you work there will always be THAT ONE PERSON who gets under your skin, starts drama, micromanages your work, or distracts you from what you need to get done. Want to know the secret solution? It is NOT their fault it is YOURS. The simple fact is that you are allowing them to compromise your peace and happiness. It can be hard to ignore or fight them back on small or big issues, but you don’t actually have to. Free your mind of this person and with a little effort, you are now free from this problem! Do your work, sometimes other people’s work if you have to, and go home. After all, this person does not go home with you every day, and if they do, then you may both need to talk privately about sorting work and personal life out.

“Whether or not a person is happy is deeply and totally and utterly out of your control.” – Will Smith

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Overwhelmed –

If your job is very demanding or you are in a busy customer service field the best solution to have for feeling overwhelmed make sure you are doing everything you can to make it work or find another job. Your health and sanity are more important than your job. Be sure to try these methods first if you are unsure:

  • Make your work-space yours. If you have an office, desk, or break-room try making a Zen spot out of it. Add a humidifier or small fish tank if possible. Really anything you like that may relax you. If you share a space be sure to ask first! If there are people constantly in your work-space it may help to help them feel relaxed first so you both are not feeding off of stress and negative energies.
  • Focus your breathing. You can do this anywhere (and it especially helps if you have hiccups!) Breathe in about five times and breathe out five times. Repeat this process and practice your breathing. Breathing in oxygen naturally relaxes brain tension so the more you breathe the better you will feel! You may also try this in a quiet place.  
  • Make your work-space a happy place. Focus on the things you like about your job and enhance that. If you like the people, chat with them about how they manage stress at work. Create a positive environment for yourself like you would do at home. Do you like background music, silence, or sitting down a bit more regularly? Chatting to your bosses about small accommodations can be very helpful for you and others later on.
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Always out of time & under-prepared –

Do you always feel busy and rushed? Is everything messy, in disarray, and you are feeling plain stressed out and tired? Maybe you had a few hard days and now everyone else in your path is either with you or against you. How can you more easily handle life and make it fun? It is easy to fall behind on a daily basis, especially when your exhausted. However, this is the most important time to spend on yourself preparing for your next week and being able to catch up on your sleep even if this means hiring a babysitter for the weekend.

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  • Clean and organize your living space. Clean space, clear mind.
  • Do your laundry and pick out your outfit for the next day. One less thing you have to stumble around for in the morning!
  • Make a vision board of your goals and to-do list.
  • Make time to exercise everyday even for thirty minutes. Or ten-minute increments of stretching and some cardio. You will sleep better, feel lighter, and promote overall health.
  • Vent in a journal.
  • Meal prep.

“I listen to music on my drive home and I work out frequently.” Stephen

“I pray everyday and do daily devotionals.” Renee

“Taking a walk outside and getting some fresh air.” Chelsea

“Direct deposit.” Daniel

“To understand great peace, you’ve had to have gone through great pain.” Daniel

“Walk around a lot and speak to co-workers.” Haseeb

“Stay busy and avoid drama.” Art

“Get up and go outside to walk around and browse the internet.” Nick

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