Fun Ways to Practice Sustainability This Halloween

With Halloween approaching soon, let’s focus on making this year eco-friendly! There are plenty of ways you are able to give a helping hand to mother Earth while making the most of the festivities. XL Pro especially loves working on different ways to reduce office waste management. Check out our blog on sustainability for more details:

Keep reading for fun ways to upcycle household or store-bought items that you can reuse in a fashionable way.

  1. Making use of your pumpkins

Eating your pumpkins! You can make a variety of dishes such as pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, roasted and salted pumpkin seeds, and more. When all that is left is the hard-outer shell, you can use this as a pot for growing plants or even burying it. The outside of your pumpkin enriches soil and decomposes properly with these methods. If you live in a highly populated place for deer, you can also leave the small bits of your outer-shell by your house – not too close though!

  1. Leftover bottles and jars

With some spray paint and a few stickers, you easily have quite a few decorative containers! Spooky potion bottles, food and sugar jars, or household decorations, pretty vases, and pencil holders! If you have some leftover plastic cups, you can even make some festive fairy lights for the next holidays to come.

  1. Candy wrapper crafts

Be prepared to eat a lot of candy with these ideas! Firstly, you can paper mâché candy wrappers onto ANYTHING!  Christmas ornaments, dishes, phone case, jewelry, vases, and more. Secondly, you can make origami and bookmarks. And lastly, if you are an advanced crafter, you can make things such as pencil cases, curtains, your next Halloween costume, or basket weaving! With all of these craft ideas, you can probably set up shop on Etsy… Depending on how much candy you can consume.

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