A Forklift is an essential asset of any material handling industry. It performs a material handling job which cannot get done by human hands. A forklift is a large moving vehicle with risk comparable to those of any drivable vehicle. It can be dangerous in any situation for the other people around it or the other assets of the facility. Downtime and damage can be costly due to the UN-Certified and inexperienced drivers. The only way to minimize accidents is through a certified training course.

Here are the top reasons to schedule a forklift training and certification course today and the benefits of certification:

  • OSHA, a subdivision of the US Department of Labor, requires any forklift operator to hold an OSHA forklift certification to avoid accidents and ensure safety. OSHA can fine employers up to $7,000 to $70,000 if an employee gets caught driving a forklift without proper training.
  • The insurance company can also refuse to pay claims if the operator was not certified.
  • Studies claim there are 100+ deaths and 30,000+ serious injuries annually caused by forklift accidents in the US. Where all other current employees can also be adversely affected mentally.
  • It also reduces loss, inexperienced forklift operators may damage goods while moving them and they can also cause damage to the equipment through an accident.
  • When the forklift operators are well-versed in their equipment, the overall productivity of your operation increases.

Here are the reasons how certification will benefit:

  • Having knowledge, how to operate and maintain forklift properly increases your value as an employee even if your position does not require certification.
  • Keeping certification up to date increases confidence to drive forklift around people and it also minimizes the risk.
  • It also keeps the employee out of trouble and secures the pay rate because it is a law to have a certification to operate a forklift.


At XL Pro, we can assist you to get a certification or renew the previous certification. It is not only required by law, but we will also help to land you a job. For more information, please contact our office today!


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