Fatigue Management In The Workplace
By Stephen Dillon,
Safety Director, XL Pro Consulting Group LLC.

Workplace Incident rates skyrocket when fatigue is a factor, especially among those working long, 12-hour shifts or overnight. According to OSHA, accidents and injury rates are 30% greater during night shifts and workers on-the-job 12 hours per day show a 37% increased risk of injury. Direct or indirect links to increased cost for companies due to worker fatigue result in lost productivity, increased injury, increased time off the job due to illnesses, and ultimately higher insurance premiums.

OSHA estimates an annual cost of 136.4 billion from fatigue-related, health-related, and lost productive work time to employers. As an example, in March of 2005, it was reported the Texas City BP oil refinery explosion occurred due to worker fatigue. This preventable incident resulted in fifteen employee deaths and injuries to 180 other employees. Common symptoms of fatigue include: headache, dizziness, sore or aching muscles, muscle weakness, slowed reflexes, impaired decision making, moodiness, chronic tiredness, sleepiness, impaired hand-to-eye coordination, appetite loss, reduced immune system function, blurry vision, memory problems, poor concentration, hallucinations, reduced attention span, and low motivation. One way to reduce fatigue-related incidents is for front-line supervisors to spearhead efforts by being more vigilant and pulling workers off the floor who show the above signs of fatigue. Another way to reduce potential fatigue-related incidents is for a Company to encourage exercising and taking longer, more frequent breaks.

For more tips and to speak with me about how I can potentially help you reduce these and other workplace incidents, please do not hesitate to contact me at 214-694-4519, or by email at stephen@xlproconsulting.com Together we can create awareness of a healthy lifestyle which is key to improving worker well-being. At XL Pro, our Safety Divisions main objective is to help build a stronger trust between companies and their employees through safety.

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