Most of us do not use the word “Ergonomics” in our everyday vocabulary and do not even know what it means. Simply put, ergonomics is the science of designing the workplace with the capabilities and limitations of employees in mind. A proper ergonomics program can drastically improve the overall working environment for a company and help it to become more efficient. One can say that the assembly line is the artery that fuels the life for their companies but often fails to realize that this is also where a significant increase in safety mishaps can occur.

An example of an easily looked safety issue that can be solved using Ergonomics is repetitive motions that employees conduct, which can cause a host of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Some examples of MSDs range from lower back pain to upper extremity issues. The time pressures and repetitiveness competitive production demands intensify the effects of these movements. Having a staffing partner who understands this and a host of other potential safety issues is vital to any company looking to increase productivity and overall growth.  According to the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), the overall impact of MSDs and other workplace incidents are not small, affecting millions of workers and costing a business between $45 and $50 billion annually in compensation, lost wages and decreased productivity. Aside from this, injured employees are many times forgotten after they are hurt. The injuries can bring not only financial loss to their life but also the potential of ending to their career.

Proactive businesses understand the outweighing benefits that proper ergonomics can have on the long-term production output and employee morale and health. At XL Pro we strongly recommend that companies utilize their safety department or a safety consultant to research and implement ergonomic controls into their assembly lines and all other aspects of their labor. If your company does not have the proper systems in place, contact XL Pro today to assist in creating and implementing a custom-tailored ergonomics plan for your business to improve efficiency and profits!

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