Get The Right Talent Right Now

At XL Pro, we stretch our creativity and dig deep to bring the best applicants to our number-one client—you.

Success springs from our focus on your staffing needs in light industrial, construction, hospitality, oil and gas, legal, administrators, and receptionists or human resources. The applicants we bring you have had their skills tested—and proven. Now we match you with talent that fits your culture and grows your business.

Our personalized service means we find you whatever you need:

  • Temp/seasonal—During a busy time, get the help you need.

  • Temp-to-hire—Give employees, and yourself, a trial run before you hire them.

  • Direct placements—Fill a permanent position with the right person right now.

XL Pro supplies laborers and professionals for all three categories. And we even offer payroll services.

To kick-start this partnership, we meet directly at your premises and walk through the facilities. Because each client has unique needs, we provide unique solutions — including customized safety plans and programs upon request.


We’ve created a comprehensive Health and Safety program—we have among the lowest OSHA recordable in the industry. At XL Pro the safety of our employees is a responsibility we take seriously. To create a safety program for you at no additional cost to you, we partner with Texas Mutual and are a part of their Premier Large Account Service Program.

Our safety programs include but are not limited to:

  • Orientation Programs
  • Safety Walk-Throughs
  • Onboarding Safety Training Programs
  • Monthly Safety Reports
  • Workers Compensation Fraud Education
  • Safety Award Programs

We build long-lasting business relationships:

Our rates compete. Two factors guarantee competitive prices: complete in-house work at XL Pro (no expensive contracting), and stable relationships with insurance and workers’ compensation vendors (you save thousands of dollars annually). Additionally, we are transparent on tax burdens. Contact us for a price comparison!

Our staff responds. Each client is assigned a senior recruiter. We have extended office hours and on-call phones. Need weekend recruiting? We do that too!

Our service satisfies. So why are you waiting? Let’s launch this partnership!


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