In general, construction focuses on building or repairing structures. It also includes preparing the land for buildings. No matter the need, XL Pro can assist in filling any open needs for our construction clients. Whether the construction workers we place use their hands, operate machinery, or supervise and manage construction projects, XL Pro remains safety-focused. We provide certified payroll for clients upon request, and payment the same week employees work

Annual salary for these positions has been updated as of 5/11/2020
For any questions about salary, please call: (972) 851-7248
The placements we do in Construction include:

Final Cleanup and Janitorial

Job description and salary are unavailable at this time. Please inquire within for more details.

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The average salary of a foreman ranges between 38k – 80k per year. Foremen are responsible for supervising construction projects. Job duties include monitoring budgets and expenses, ensuring deadlines are met, and verifying all workers safety and qualifications.


The average salary of a construction superintendent ranges between 51k – 114k per year. Job duties include overseeing construction projects, coordinating and attending project meetings, and ensuring the scope of work is on time and budget tracks.

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The average salary of a carpenter ranges between 41k – 72k per year. Carpenters are responsible for building and renovating structures, installing materials, and following blueprints and building plans.

Skilled Trades

Job description and salary information unavailable at this time. Inquire within for more details.



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