Why is a winning work team important and how can employees and management seek this out in companies? The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average American worker spends between 44 – 50 hours working per week, that is equivalent to 260 working days (excluding vacations and holidays)! Let XL Pro put these statistics into a perspective of why being involved in a successful work team can make all the difference!

Teamwork – XL Pro strongly believes in management encouraging peer engagement and team projects to build stronger reliability in professional relationships. Communication is a great asset for successful teamwork and work culture as a whole while also creating new connections for others!

Work Culture – The core operating value of any company is found in work culture. It is important to strive to welcome employees and assure them that they are heard and valued. By listening to your employees you can assess strengths and determine and delegate project roles easily! Ultimately, the work culture provided can determine outcomes such as employee productivity, client satisfaction, and responsiveness.

Employee Incentivizing – When an organization prioritizes employees a winning workplace can thrive. Employee performance is a big factor for company success. Creating exciting incentive programs, company benefits, and above average pay can definitely help create and motivate a winning work team.  

Goals – Have a solid vision of what future the company holds by setting goals within. Goals can be another form of incentivizing and can motivate employees to visibly see progress. Get with your team to set some new ones!

Compete for Top Talent – For those seeking to hire, finding the top talent is what XL Pro specializes in. Qualities to search for when building a winning team can include enthusiasm, energy, dedication, and overall professionalism. New hires that show an aptitude for these qualities can indicate that you have found someone who can do the job needed and go above and beyond! By listening to your employees you can assess strengths and determine and delegate project roles easily!

Time – Efficiency is essential and by setting time aside to work with teams whether on goals, new strategies, or deadlines the quicker the better! Moving from project to project without overloading employees can be hard to gauge. However, with guidance and communication from all parties you can achieve efficiency!

In a summary, everyone wants to do well. With the right motivation, guidance, and goals in the workplace everyone can all become a successful and winning team. If we are spending 260 days per year at work then working together will make huge strides in carving a successful future for ourselves and our companies! XL Pro and recruiters care for employees and strives to match individuals to their perfect job while directing individual’s potential in the areas where it counts!

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