Safety For Plant Shutdown

Regularly planned warehouse shutdowns allow time for businesses to conduct in-depth housecleaning and general maintenance of equipment. Safety is often overlooked when most companies conduct these necessary shutdowns. The task that is implemented during shut down operations can be non-routine in daily operations, which presents a higher risk of different hazards than what is usually […]

Managing Fatigue At Work

Fatigue Management In The Workplace By Stephen Dillon, Safety Director, XL Pro Consulting Group LLC. Workplace Incident rates skyrocket when fatigue is a factor, especially among those working long, 12-hour shifts or overnight. According to OSHA, accidents and injury rates are 30% greater during night shifts and workers on-the-job 12 hours per day show a […]

Forklift Training.

A Forklift is an essential asset of any material handling industry. It performs a material handling job which cannot get done by human hands. A forklift is a large moving vehicle with risk comparable to those of any drivable vehicle. It can be dangerous in any situation for the other people around it or the […]